Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

I can hardly believe that it is 2011. In the past I have found January and February to be rather depressing. Christmas ends, the decorations get put away and things can tend to seem, well... empty. But this year felt different for some reason. I was excited for January to come, excited for what this new year holds.

My husband is leaving on Saturday for four months and I am in the midst of preparing myself to play the part of a single mom for the time he is gone. With his last semester of law school starting Monday he is trading DC for Nashville. But I am not too worried. I feel blessed to have a webcam that will help us stay in close contact, I have many wonderful friends and family members helping support me and I am excited to find new business clients and challenge myself while he is gone! (Not that I don't challenge myself when he's here, but you get the picture)

When 2010 was drawing to an end I reflected on what I had done with the 12 months I was given in that year. And I am happy with what I accomplished but am determined to challenge myself even more this year, to get out of my comfort zone, to make new friends, to travel. I have a myriad of goals. 2011 is going to be awesome.

To celebrate what has passed I put together a few of my favorite images from last year. Thank you to you, my clients, for trusting me to capture your family moments. Happy New Year to all!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these! Can't wait for you to take photos of our little family!!! :)

  2. I started looking at this post when Five For Fighting's "Chances Are" came on Pandora. I'm not embarrassed to admit I got a little teary eyed!
    You just keep getting better and better, Abbie. Amazing work. Truly.