Friday, April 23, 2010

Cardinal Sins

I spent six years studying art history in college (two degrees just in case the thought that it took me six years to get a Bachelor's degree crossed your mind). One genre that I found intriguing and beautiful art was Northern Renaissance art. When I think of artists from this time period I think of Van Eyck, Bosch, van der Weyden, and Memling to name a few. During the six years of studying, I spent time in France, Belgium, and Italy at various times. While in Italy the lovely ice cream company, Magnum, came out with "limited edition" ice cream bars based on the seven deadly sins. They reminded me of a Bosch painting of the same title.

I have been thinking of the seven deadly or cardinal sins for a while and in an effort to expand my creativity (which comes and goes... did I just admit that? LOL) I decided to do my own depiction of these cardinal sins. I wanted to shoot in black and white so that color was a non-issue and I was surprised at how much different (and enjoyable) it was not shooting in color. With my friend's help we shot down four of the seven 'peccati' last weekend. Stay tuned for the remaining three in the next few weeks. :)





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