Monday, April 5, 2010

Married!-DC Family Photographer

I am lucky to have gorgeous friends who love having their portrait taken. :) Steven and Amanda met up with me on a beautiful Friday afternoon to take pictures of just the two of them. You may remember their cute little boy from here and here. We decided for Friday to do a shoot with just them. For those of you married just a couple of years or those married many years, you understand how a marriage often changes when children come into the family and sometimes, I think, it's nice to remember the two of you... to date... to spend time with one another. And so we did. And here are the results. Enjoy!


  1. Makes me laugh to see pictures of myself! Thanks again for the fun shoot, you are the best.

  2. How fun! I love the colors! I love the strawberries! Lovely work Abbie! And gorgeous girl! She looks like Liv Tyler :)

  3. I randomly checked here today and it was fun to see Steven and Amanda - small world! I can't remember if I told you already but they were in our married ward at BYU. Your pictures are gorgeous, Abbie, and I wished we lived closer so you could take some of our family!