Monday, May 17, 2010

Blake + Danielle and Co.-DC Family Photographer

It may sound so trite and repetitive when I blog about how much I enjoy what I do-how I love getting to know the families I have sessions with-how at the end of the session I feel like I have made new friends-how cute their children are; I really feel so blessed to do what I do!

While I'm certain my use of hyphens in the last sentence is totally incorrect... as well as the semi-colon, let's look beyond that. :) It took a few tries for Danielle and I to schedule a session, with me leaving town next week (more on that later), the crazy rainy weather, Blake's work schedule, canceled appointments, etc., the stars aligned and early this morning we decided to try for this evening. With gray clouds and the sound of thunder at times this afternoon I seriously was willing the clouds to contain themselves and move on. And they did, that is, until I drove home and then it literally poured buckets. Side note: have you ever been in a storm, driving, where you can see the rain coming... say... 100 feet in front of you? Almost as if the rain were an actual sheet. Ya, that was tonight.

Thank you clouds and thank you rain for holding off until 15 minutes after I left this wonderful family. Enjoy your sneak peek guys!

Little Cosmo. Cute little dog, family member and alma mater mascot namee. :)

Gorgeous light, gorgeous location, gorgeous family. Couldn't have asked for more.

While we were looking for fish I made sure Danielle had a grip on my foot so that I didn't plop myself into the pond.

We achieved this smile by "letting" him scare me. Isn't it so cute how 2 year olds think it's just soooo funny to scare people. My daughter loves doing this too.

I love the connection in this shot. Just look at Danielle's eyes and you know she's in love.

I LOVE this picture!! Literally as I was walking to my car to return home, these two came skating down the driveway. I got two frames. This is one of them. Love it!!


  1. These shots are adorable. I would love to see all of them. Good job.

  2. Love! The last great! They all look so wonderful, it's nice to see you back in your element. Just lovely!

  3. I am SOOO excited!!! I love our sneak peek! Blake loves that last picture pretty much more than any picture he's ever seen. :) Can't wait to see more! You're sooo good!

  4. The spikey hair on the little boy is SOOOO cute. What a beautiful family!