Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dream wedding

I was at the most amazing wedding yesterday. Even better, I got to second shoot the wedding with the wonderful Andrea Shirey. Have you ever been to a wedding that just blew you away? The setting, the people, the details, the food, drinks, celebration and overall feeling of it... just wonderful? A wedding where you leave and think to yourself, what an amazing evening...

Granted, I was the second photographer and not a guest. I couldn't go out and bust a move on the dance floor (like I wanted to) nor could I chow down on the most delicious looking cake ever (vanilla, chocolate and poppy seed flavors were the three to chose from!). But I did cry (even though I tried to keep it under wraps), and I did get to pal around with the awesome groom and his groomsmen/best man. And when I got so hot and dizzy that I thought I was going to faint I did give in and take a second to chug a ginger ale to get my blood sugar back up. So I got to enjoy some of the festivities. :) Either way, the night was filled with amazing people celebrating a beautiful wedding in a breathtaking location. What a fabulous night. Let me see if I can help you feel a little of what I felt.

Hello blue shoes! We'll see you again as you wrap up our evening.

The wedding was help on the ground of Kenswick Vineyards near Charlottesville. A beautiful, peaceful location in the Virginia countryside.

The beautiful bride (right) with one of her bridesmaids (a friend from college).

In with the men, the groom unwrapped a gift from his bride. (Seriously, these guys give the most awesome gifts ever!)

Up until this week we've been enjoying beautiful fall temperatures. And then all of a sudden it got unbearably hot. Temps were in the low 90s and this pool was looking mighty tempting.

But these guys were such troopers, sweating it out in the heat with hardly a complaint.

The pastor leading the groom and his men in for the start of the ceremony.

The first time seeing his bride. I love capturing these moments!

The details were everywhere: mason jars with flowers on the chairs, beautiful programs, flowers wrapped around the archway, a string quartet...

"I now pronounce you man and wife"

Being announced as husband and wife. I'm getting teary-eyed remembering it.

And of course, the first dance.

Good night blue shoes, you served yourselves well.

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