Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update on goals

How bad is it that I'm behind on posting about my 101 goals in 1001 days? Like, way behind. My attempt is to keep these short and sweet so that I can acknowledge what I've done but not write a long (and possibly boring) novel about everything.

Goal #28: 2nd shoot a wedding with 2 different photographers
Last October I helped second shoot my first wedding ever with Jennifer Creed. I was nervous of course, a wedding is such a big day filled with moments that you never want to forget. Then just last month I was lucky enough to shoot with Andrea Shirey, a photographer I have admired for a couple years now. Again, nerves like you wouldn't believe. So what did I learn? Nerves happen. Get over it and shoot. :)

Goal #46: Get a massage
Like this is really that hard right? Well, when your husband is a law student and you're paying what we do in tuition and living, a massage isn't always high up on the list of things to purchase. But last January I had the worst kink in my neck and it kept going on for days. I finally went in, got a massage and almost like a miracle I was cured. So what did I learn? Massages rock, splurge every now and then if you're on a tight budget. It is sooo worth it.

Goal #52: Do a "Shoot for a cause" where I devote an entire day shooting mini sessions for a cause
After the January earthquake in Haiti I decided that I wanted to donate to the Red Cross but wanted to make a bigger dent than just what I could give. And so I came up with the idea of doing 20 minute mini sessions for $50 and having each family donate directly to a charity in the name of the Haiti earthquake victims. And then I decided to donate 75% of whatever products each family purchased. I tallied up the money and together these families and I helped raise over $600 which was donated to charity. Lesson learned? It feels wonderful to give to others. Can't wait to do it again!

Goal #58: Volunteer at a Senior Center one time
I volunteered at a Senior Center for two months when we lived in Nashville. I started with this goal in mind-to go just once but kept going back. I would play the piano during the lunch hour while the Seniors ate. Lesson learned? Eventually it became tricky trying to find someone to watch my daughter while I went and I decided to wait to do something similar until E gets older.

And just so that you can enjoy this post a little more, a picture of my little girl taken last month. She is so cute.

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