Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holiday Mini-Session at Percy Warner Park- DC Family Photographer

Can you tell that I love shooting at Percy-Warner Park? No two locations are ever the same, making it original for the families I shoot as well as for me! Today was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out shooting. I was lucky enough to have a mini-session with this wonderful family of three (with one on the way) and I even got my workout in for the day. ;) Katie and I joked about me running all over the place. I'm sure I look ridiculous but it allows me to keep up with fast little guys like this one.

Loved meeting you Scott and Katie and little guy! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Such a sweet smile. So glad we could capture it!
I love seeing dads interact with their sons. Having only one girl it's so fun to see the difference.

Giving loves to the baby.

I love the look on Katie's face in this one. To me it's that radiant joy a mother feels for her child.

I knew we got it guys! All three, happy family members looking at the camera. :)

Hope you all enjoyed your sneak peek!


  1. The last shot is a keeper! Great job!

  2. wow abbie! you have such a great eye and the angles and everything. so wonderful! thanks so much, it was lots of fun. i can't wait to look at all of them :)

  3. LOVE the one of dad tossing up "little guy!" Perfect angle! You captured such a priceless expression on "little guy's" face!

  4. These capture some darling moments. Good job Abbie. Cute family.