Monday, October 12, 2009

Percy Warner Park shoot- DC Family Photographer

I have been so excited to do this post. One thing I really love about what I do (and perhaps I'm redundant in saying this) is that I get to meet amazing families. Take this family for example. Rivka and her husband Nick have the cutest kids ever! When I arrived at their house they were so excited that we were all going to hang out... and they didn't even know me yet! Who's to say that I'm that cool? :) We head outside and A asks me what the orange blow up pumpkin on his neighbor's lawn is to which I reply, "A pumpkin". His response? "Can we eat it?"

The littlest, "I", kept giving ME hugs at the end. Nick remarked that they should have had a camera to take pictures of I giving me hugs. I love documenting the interactions of family members, the things that we consider everyday... and yet they aren't everyday... they're right now. And right now won't last forever. Rivka, Nick and fam, I hope you like your sneak peek. It was beyond my pleasure to spend the afternoon with you.

S, you are beautiful. See, I didn't use the "other" picture that you saw on my camera screen. :)

Who wouldn't enjoy a day with cute faces like this?

And this?

Because of Nick's work, he isn't home alot and the kids very much wanted to hang with him during the shoot since they don't see him. But I'm sooo glad that we got this shot for Rivka! I knew we got it! :)

Gorgeous family...

Ok, so I know this isn't an image anyone would buy and I have no idea how this even came about but when I saw it, I thought it was so beautiful. Rivka, truly, you are beautiful.

Kisses for Mom after a "new" version of telling about the three little pigs.

And loves for Dad too.

Is it just me or does Nick bear a resemblance to Patrick Dempsey? (Dr. McDreamy) I think he does...
Just strumming away...

Story-time, one of their favorite things to do as a family

Nick and Rivka, you are such a striking couple!
Again, thank you so much for a wonderful shoot. I love leaving a client's home feeling like I've made a new friend and that's how I felt around you all. Your session will be up soon! :)


  1. I don't know how you do it Abbie, but almost every time I look at one of your shoots it makes me tear up. These are beautiful pictures! And the one you want to just throw away and not sell is by far my favorite. It reminds me of an old picture of my mother from before I was born, so pretty and happy. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with the world, I know we all appreciate it.

  2. Fabulous job Abbie! I have to admit that I love "lifestyle" photography so much! You really captured that well!

  3. Abbie, we love these pictures! You really captured the spirit of our kids - you were amazing with them! You even made two exhausted parents look good - now that is talent! I hate having my picture taken and usually end up with a totally fake smile - but you put us so at ease that the smiles were all truly felt. You really went the extra mile with us and it shows! Thank you!!!