Saturday, January 30, 2010


We had a real snowday today! I say "real" because we had a couple of snow days a few weeks ago but it was the weakest "storm" I have ever seen. :) No offense to people from Tennessee but 1 inch of snow is not a storm in my book nor is it a reason to shut down schools for two days. Last night and today was different though. While we only wound up receiving about 4 inches of snow it iced throughout the night leaving a slick 1/4 of an inch thick layer of ice on top of everything making for very slick roads.

We remained close to home today and church has already been canceled for tomorrow which means more time being inside but we'll enjoy the time together.

Ella and I decided to explore our winter snowscape this morning and here are a few pictures of that little adventure. Ella would finally get comfortable walking only to fall down again. By the end of our excursion she was wanting to be held. Good times.

This is the view from outside our apartment

Ella getting ahead of me and not realizing it

My child never wants to look at the camera. Sigh...


  1. Such darling pictures. It can get exhausting playing in the snow. Poor little thing.