Monday, January 11, 2010

Time for reflection

As we are all aware the beginning of January is a time for reflection about the upcoming year and what each one of us wants to accomplish. I am actually one who gets very excited about the new year and about creating goals that can realistically be accomplished. I'm a BIG list person. I have post its all over the place and love being able to cross something off of my google calendar.

Ten years ago in 1999 I was barely 19 (my birthday is the 31st of December) and my family and I spent New Year's Eve with close family friends. At their home we created "time capsules" to be opened ten years later. We put in a picture of ourself, any magazine or newspaper clippings we wanted to include and any other "important" items we felt necessary to put in. I am slightly embarrassed to say that when I opened the box up there were NUMEROUS pictures of Celine Dion as well as pictures of my then on/off (more off) boyfriend and something you might call a love letter from him stashed inside.

Oh gosh... as I read through the things I had written about where I was in 1999 I realized that luckily many things had changed. But I also came to the conclusion that a lot of things about me had not changed. And that worried me. I went for a run on snow packed roads the next day and struggled to get a good solid grip in the snow. While running I thought about what I would write and put in a time capsule to be opened in 2020. And I wondered if I would still have the same "unchanged" characteristics that have carried through since 1999.

You may remember my 101 goals to do in 1001 days. Well, I'm making progress! I realized this past week that these goals I made for myself last year may just be what I need to help overcome the unwanted characteristics that I've been carying around for ten+ years now. Do any of you feel this way? Is there any characteristic that strongly sticks out to you which you would like to change?

I am going to be sharing with you some of the goals I have been able to accomplish in the coming days. So to everyone reading, Happy New Year (ten days late) and best wishes with your goals!

This is an image from New Year's Day 2010. It had stormed the previous day and when we awoke the sun was peeking through the clouds and there was of all crazy things, a rainbow. :)


  1. It was fun to see this rainbow. I've never seen one with the snow before. IT was a beautiful morning. It is fun to see the progress we've made over the years and then again the lack of progress is always a good way to get motivated. Good luck

  2. Abbie, I think you are way to hard on yourself! you are amazing. I know I need to be better an new years resolutions.

    So I was reading through your list, and I don't know all of the conditions that you set for yourself, but haven't you done #'s 24, 46, 64, 76, and 80? :) maybe a few more you can cross off?