Thursday, May 14, 2009

Off for the weekend

We're heading up to DC this weekend. My brother flies in from the West Coast and we're going to pick him up tomorrow, explore DC and I was even able to schedule a couple of photo shoots. I love DC and am happy to be able to go back to some of my favorite spots to shoot!

I've been wanting to attend workshops offered by some of the photographers I follow but I don't have anywhere near the thousands of dollars the workshops require. Any advice? There is one that opens up tomorrow for registrations. It's called the Learnfest and from what I've heard about it, it is one of the workshops to attend particularly if you are new, looking for ways to boost sales, gain more confidence, etc. I know that attending this workshop could possibly change my business for the better. But is it worth taking out a loan for? These are the questions going through my mind right now. I just wish I had $3000 to spare...

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