Thursday, May 7, 2009


When I got an email from Jenny asking me to do a session with her and her sister Sarah I thought of my own sister and how much fun we would have doing something like this for our mom. I'm quite touched by the many clients I have had who are young, many of them students and who are thoughtful enough to capture this time in their lives for their parents. I wish I had only been as thoughtful.

Jenny and Sarah were an absolute DELIGHT to be with! They were relaxed, easy to talk with, funny... in fact, so many pictures that I scrolled through had one or the other laughing. I'm trying to remember what was so funny at the time but can't remember (surprise surprise). Jenny's hair has made me start thinking about cutting my own, it's so cute! And Sarah is waiting to hear back from Law Schools (good luck!). All in all, it was a fantastic evening for me and I hope the girls enjoy their pictures. Here is a sneak peek!


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  2. What a fun idea and such cute girls. I know their mom will love these shots.

  3. Super fun! I love red walls and the stairs shot is really cute!