Monday, September 7, 2009

Grigg family-DC lifestyle photographer

I've been following a blog I love for quite some time, a photographer's blog whose work inspired me to do this shoot with the Grigg family. When Christy and I were figuring out where to shoot I asked her to consider places that were special to her family, not necessarily places with a great backdrop or stonework but a place her family loves, a place that is memorable.

I spent the better part of four hours shooting Christy and Co. throughout Bi-Centennial Park, the Nashville Farmer's Market and their home. My hope was to capture their family in their own element. I wanted these images to reflect who the Grigg family is, to reflect their family. More importantly I wanted the session to be fun and free of the stress that often accompanies family pictures. I hope I was somehow able to capture their Griggness. :) Enjoy!

Dad and the kids kept busy with Disney's Sword in the Stone while mom finished getting ready.

Love how the kids are glued to the T.V. and could care less that someone's off to the side snapping their picture

Getting the last bite of cracker

This is K's favorite stuffed animal Georgie. We made sure he came along for the day.

Alright, I'll admit it, sometimes as a photographer you just get lucky. This is one of those shots. I was shooting the girls walking out the door to get into the car and when they opened the door, sunlight flooded the entryway. I don't think I could recreate this image even if I tried!

Making sure everyone's buckled up safely.

The globe at Bi-Centennial Park provided for some very awesome pictures. It "floats" and spins on water so you can push it to go faster or just let it slowly move around.

Close up of K. I got a lot of great shots of her near the globe. Too many to share unfortunately.

What day wouldn't be complete without a little "Ring around the Rosie"?

Love this one!

K was a hoot in front of the camera. She always wanted her picture taken and I was more than happy to oblige.

Part way through our session (hot and sticky mind you) we decided to stop for some ice cream and water. Ahh... relief.

Love the ice cream on her nose. Isn't that just a classic?

And don't forget ice cream on the face too.

K finished her ice cream first and C was kind enough to share with everyone. Love K's face in this one.

The farmer's market. Had some delicious peaches and of course the colors were gorgeous.

The lighting was beautiful in this particular location. It's almost as if a light is shining on little C.

I love the unconventional portrait. Check out K's awesome pose. :)

Seconds after I took this shot, C totally fell on top of Christy. I decided it would be best not to show that one.

I love capturing moments like this. The girls were running up the ramp to the fountains on the other side and Will jumped over the railing, right in front of K. He reached down to tickle her. This is the result.

This is a small section of a very awesome map of the state of Tennessee near the capitol building.

By this time the lighting was perfect... casting beautiful red and yellow hues.

And on our way back to the car K decided to randomly take a bit out of these "pillars". Glad I had my 200mm zoom on.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way home and C finished her nuggets inside. Her pants were soaked from the fountain hence the shirt with diaper look. Too cute!

Eating some delicious peaches and K hamming it up for me.

What girl doesn't want to be a ballerina. Side note: check out C on the side.

I asked them to show me their rooms and some of their favorite things. They promptly went and got some books. I loved that mom and dad were in the other room and that for a few minutes I was able to shoot with just the girls. Kids are so much more themselves when "grownups" aren't around. I put grownups in quotes because obviously I didn't count as a grownup.

Pretending to be angels.

Love this one too.

Christy told me that she wanted to get a shot of the girls playing with their toys on the mantle of the fireplace since this is something they do everyday. After the girls helped us get the toys out it was like they were in a different world.

Through the playhouse window.

Christy and Will just looking on.

And then possibly my favorite part: story time.

Christy made note that the girls always put their fingers in the mouths when they're read to. Definitely something we want to capture because I doubt they'll be doing that at 18.

And a final image. Dad and little C playing around.

Thank you Grigg family!! I loved capturing your family's moments. Hope you like your pictures!!


  1. Wow, these pictures will be priceless to this family. Good job. You're learning alot.

  2. Oh wow! I'm Christy's sister and LOVED seeing these pictures! They are incredible and TOTALLY capture my sis, her hubby, and their little Grigglets!

    Are you ever out in UT? ;)

  3. Ha ha, maybe I'll just have to make a little trek West to visit family and do some photo shoots. ;)

  4. You know I love them!! I've probably looked through them 20 (maybe 30) times today! You are amazing!! I put a link up on my blog and FB...I want to share your gorgeous work with everyone! :)

  5. You are so talented Abbie! I truly hope you all the best in Nashville, I know you are going to be a hit.

  6. These are awesome, Abbie! I see SOOOOO much fun and personality coming through in these images! Love the one "just before the fall." That's such a cute shot! :D