Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Percy Warner Park shoot- DC Family Photographer

I got the call from Monica on Sunday, "Hi Abbie, my name is Monica. We would like to book a session this Wednesday if possible because we're leaving on vacation to the Philippines on Thursday." And what a vacation it will be! Nearly four months in their homeland to visit family but Dave won't be joining them until after Christmas because of work. I am always in awe of families who have family overseas and the effort, time and sacrifice that is put into maintaining close ties with everyone.

Photographing Monica, Dave and their two little boys was such a delight! The boys have the most beautiful brown eyes... like glass. They were so kind to welcome me into their home where we did the first part of our session and then we headed off to my favorite park! Percy Warner!!

Monica, I'll be praying for you as you make your long trek overseas with two little boys in tow... and for Dave too who will be in a quiet home for a few months. I hope these pictures will keep you all company during that time and remind you of the last day you were all together!

Remember what I said about eyes like glass? And the hair! I know my daughter would be jealous.

I love when you can tell that siblings love each other. Even though there is a few years age difference, these boys just adored one another.

That same love shared between siblings radiated from Dave and Monica too.

"I" loved putting this pig on his head and seeing how long until it would fall off.

We decided to do a few frames with "I" and all his plastic animals. Too cute. I love it!

This hat is from a mountain town in the Philippines where apparently everyone goes on summer vacation to escape the heat.

I and "I" both fell in the creek. Oh well. It wasn't too cold was it? :)

Had to get a few shots with Monica and Dave sans the little ones.

Wow! They worked it goooood.....

Seriously, if someone knows a trick for getting all eyes on the camera, let me know. :) It's tough work! But I love it when they turn out like this.

Picking leaves and "E's" first introduction to grass.

Love these next few shots. The sun was going down and little E was just relaxing with Mom.

And Dad too. :)

I love the emotion in this one. Can't you just feel it?

More Mom cuddles...

And finally, for Dave. I hope this image is one that will keep you company over the next couple of months.

Thank you Monica and Dave so much for allowing me to capture this special time right before you part ways. Travel safe!


  1. Abbie, Their pictures turned out wonderful. I am so glad I was able to recommend you to my friends.

  2. You are doing great in capturing the feelings of the moment. Good work Abbie.

  3. Abbie, thank you!!! We always thought these special moments are only captured by the heart ... but you did. You are a rare find and we are blessed.

    -Dave, Monica & the little boys ('I' & 'E')