Friday, September 11, 2009

#s-7 and 29-Buy a monitor calibrator and can my own jam

Before I make note of my goals may I please wax nostalgic for one moment? I LOVE tennis and in particular, love the US Open. I was lucky enough to attend two US Opens with my family before I was married and I have such wonderful memories of those times with my fam whom I love. I was so excited to watch Melanie Oudin shoot onto the stage this year. Such a class act and cute girl. My favorite was her shouts of, "Come on!" when she would do well. Can't wait to see more of her. Here are a few images from our last US Open in 2006... it's been way too long.

In 2006 it rained 2 of the 3 days we were there. This is how they dry off the courts.

Got to know my umbrella pretty well that trip.

Pardon the blur, this is what happens when you give you camera to strangers, I mean, my sister. :P Ha ha Em.

Goal #56 is to attend the US Open. Maybe next year? The year after? I only have two years to do it in.

Though I can't cross of that lovely goal above, I did buy a monitor calibrator and was able to can some strawberry jam. I'm still wondering if the calibrator was worth it. Though everyone will tell you to calibrate, there are many who admit that even calibrated, what you see on your screen and what gets printed isn't always the same. I finally resorted to calibrating and then tweaking a bit with images from my lab. I'm happy.

The strawberry jam is fantastic. You can see three jars in the picture. I made five, gave one away and we've already eaten the other. There is nothing like homemade jam and it's so easy to make! Life is good.

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