Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vanderbilt Campus- DC Family Photographer

I was lucky to spend yesterday afternoon with Michelle, Michael and their two adorable little girls. We spent much of our time on Vanderbilt campus with its plethora of backdrops. We worried about the on-again, off-again rain and moved our session up hoping to beat it... and we did! A few minutes before we were to finish it all of a sudden started pouring rain and we made a mad dash to the car. Here's a sneak peek of our afternoon. Enjoy!

Little C eating her monkey friend's hand.

I got this look of intrigue from L all day.

I love this picture so much because of the flying ball! Mike threw it at L, who was laying in the toy chest, and it just so happened that I clicked the shutter at the perfect moment.

Peer through the wall

One on one time with Dad

Giving loves to Mom

C loved poking her finger through the holes in the back of this chair.

The look of laughter after Dad had blown her bangs out of her face.

Everyone preparing to tickle C.

And then getting tickled back

Playing between the lights

Loved this building! The interior is designed in a way that closely resembles a Gothic Cathedral.

Peeking through a peep hole.

Checking out the reflections

Feeding the ducks

Can you tell that the storm was brewing? I LOVE this shot.

Thanks so much for a great afternoon! Can't wait for you to see the rest!!


  1. They turned out great!!! I"m really looking forward to seeing the whole shoot. Love this last one with L in the bushes! Thanks Abbie. -Michelle

  2. Nice--the multi level one with the cathedral style is my favorite