Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The one behind the camera

That would be me. The one, for the most part, behind the camera taking the family shots. My husband isn't all that bad at taking pictures though. Someday I dream of having a husband-wife team and making tons of money and spending our days together shooting, editing, etc. But until then I do most of the shooting.

Ella's life has been very well documented through photographs but there's almost always someone missing in the picture and that person is me. I look back over the thousands (yes... thousands) of images of Ella and there are only a small handful of images that include me.

We have yet to get professional images taken of my family. I know, your jaw just dropped right? My father-in-law who is also a photographer took our family's pictures in June when we were home in Portland but we have yet to pay someone, spend a couple hours with someone, walk around carefree with someone snapping away as we laugh, smile, kiss, squeeze, give loves, run, crawl, pick up sticks, etc.

Each day Ella gets bigger and my heart just aches as I realize that my little baby is growing up. It's time for me to do it, I can't keep putting this off. If you're stuck on the fence or just haven't gotten around to doing a family session don't wait. Your children will grow up right before your eyes. Make sure you've captured that time!

Until then, here are some images I took of Ella yesterday at Belle Meade Plantation here in beautiful Nashville.

A Vandy ball she loves playing with from her uncle

Can you see the ever so subtle lens flair? Love it!

She was more fascinated by sticks and rocks than anything else.

Just had to include this picture. Is this bark not gorgeous? And let me just say one my time how much I love my new lens.

She got blessed with long eyelashes.

It's really hard for me to stand by and watch Ella do anything which causes her to get dirty. Man. I just kept telling myself that she was having fun.


  1. So cute. See I tell everyone she has lots of hair. It's just not colored. Now if we can just see her cute little mouth. Love the pictures

  2. She's getting so big! Love the shots and the new lens.