Thursday, April 9, 2009

First paying customer!

There's an excitement and nervousness that comes with shooting your first paying customer. Lucky for me, my first paying customer was my mom. Grandpa and Grandma live far away and wanted to set up a shoot with just little E of which I gladly accepted. Today was the day: warm, sunny, and I had stumbled across the most beautiful backdrop: an old brick home from the 1700s, vacant, stone, gardens, large trees, a beautiful shed and more. This home was my dream location! I had even gone to the work of going to the real estate office to get special permission to shoot. I was in heaven.

And then we got there... and little E wouldn't let me set her down. She cried, her face got red, huge tears streamed down her face. I should have known better. Such a sensitive daughter I have-one who doesn't want to let go of mommy for one minute. The shoot lasted all of five minutes before I gave up. Next time we're taking daddy. :)

Possibly the only picture without tears...

And finally our thank you note to the Realtor. She called the owners, got permission and was even on her way out to observe when we called and told her that the session was ending. Maybe next time. :)


  1. I think E's new name should be E "Big Tears" Rufener.

  2. Cute pictures that definately capture her tears. I've never seen a baby that cries real tears like she does.

  3. So sad! I'm bummed it didn't work out, but at the same time...why do all pictures have to be happy? The house is beautiful and E is gorgeous even with the tears. I think the shots you got were great!

  4. Just adorable !!! Even with the tears. Love the location, too-- where is that??