Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still under construction

I've been getting a lot of wonderful feedback from friends and family and have already booked my first session! I must say, there have been three photographers who have really helped me and I thought I would take a chance to thank them. Please check out their work! They are amazing at what they do.

Andrea Shirey: Andrea is a photographer one hour from here in Charlottesville. I stumbled across her site back in October or November. She was kind enough to meet up with me in February and talk with me about starting a photography business, the emotional aspects of it, the different hurdles she encountered and more. We talked for a good two hours in a little coffee shop and I can't thank her enough.

Sunny Wright: Sunny is a photographer in Prosser, Washington. She goes to church with my parents and has answered countless emails since I started emailing her in December. I would dare say she has been my mentor in these early days. Thank you Sunny.

Rebekah Westover: Rebekah is a fantastic photographer based in Utah. I emailed her some recent questions with pricing and contract questions and she responded! You may laugh but I've emailed numerous photographers and never heard anything back. She was very willing to share information about what has helped her succeed and I'm grateful for that.

The blog and just a few small parts of the website are still under construction so I beg for your patience. Thanks again for checking out my work. And no post would be complete without a picture. I couldn't choose so I picked both.

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  1. Your work is great. I like the way your pictures remind me of real people and places I know. Capturing a moment is a hard thing for many photographers, but you do it so well. Thanks for the way your photos lift my spirit.