Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Washington DC here I come!

Can I just say that I LOVE Washington DC? I do. I love it! I love that it is a big city with a small city feel. When I used to live in Arlington I would spend at least one day a week visiting the West Wing of the National Gallery and loved that I could immerse myself in such beautiful art... all for free.. I love that DC is a city of art, culture, politics, and history.

And so because of this love (and some great friends!) I am heading to DC April 24th-25th. I already have some shoots lined up but could possibly take one more. So if there is anyone interested in a session please email me and we can get it set up! I've got to say thanks to my mom because without her a stress free me in DC wouldn't be possible. She is flying in from Washington state to take care of my little girl while I go off and shoot. You are a wonderful mom, Mom! :)


  1. I'm turning green! Have a great time. Last time I visited Washington was three years ago and the temp was below 20. It turned out to be the last trip my wife and I made before she died.

    Hey, if you get a chance, take a photo for me of the WWII memorial and I'll buy it from you. Mine didn't turn out so good. Take care and enjoy.