Monday, August 10, 2009

#101-Visit a state I have not yet visited

Oh let me tell you! I have already smacked down a few of these goals already!! I'm stoked. The first one I'm posting about is #101- Visit a state I have not yet visited. And yes, I'm going to count a Canadian province as a state since that is their equivalent. On my family cruise we were able to visit the Yukon of all places. I even have the stamp in my passport to prove it. As if the sign weren't big enough right? :) Yukon was pretty desolate (but beautiful) to say the least. When people talk about being in the middle of nowhere, it is quite possible they are thinking about a place like the Yukon. There are only 33,000 inhabitants and all food, equipment, clothing, or other needs one might have must be shipped in to. The area has a rich (no pun intended) and sad history linked to the Alaskan gold rush which made the tour we took through the area very intriguing.

Though we were only there a few hours I'm counting the Yukon as my visit to a state I've never before visited.

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