Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday time

I had my first shoot since moving to Nashville today and boy was it fun. It was a birthday party for 10 year-old Josh. His family had just recently moved here too and friends from school and their parents all came for the celebration.

All the food, inflatable slides, decorations and food machines (snow cones, popcorn and pucker powder) were coordinated by Dean of Fun Services in Nashville. Let me tell you, they went above and beyond! (As you'll see from the pictures) The cake was created by Chip Clark (I'll be getting his info soon) and was absolutely delicious! The volcano was chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache frosting. One word: AMAZING. Great job to everyone who helped put this together, especially their assistant Cheryl who obviously worked tirelessly to get everything and everyone coordinated. Thanks Cheryl!

The amazing cake

Palm trees from balloons decorating the area leading into where the food was

The cake was on a table surrounded by cupcakes. Yum!

Tiki hut which had tiki drinks

The outside of the house with the inflatable water slide, treats and music

I loved these as a kid. I would buy them with a little dip stick that you licked and then dipped in the powder. These days they fill up clear straw-like plastics with a variety of colors

Mmmm... snow kones... snow cones? :)

Entrance to the house

Josh's younger sister Hayley waiting for friends to come

The room was filled with balloons, each containing $1. When the time came, the balloons were popped and there was a scramble to grab all the money you could. Awesome idea. Loved it!

Josh the birthday boy enjoying all the great things there were to eat.

Lighting the cake

And blowing out the candles

Josh (a friend) and Hayley on the slide

Going down head first

Enjoying the time with friends.
Thanks again for a wonderful party! I'm exhausted. :)

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  1. Looks like alot fun. The pictures look good. Good quality. Good job