Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Question published! :)

Have you ever asked someone you admired a question... someone whom you knew was probably pretty busy and you didn't even know if you would hear back from them? As a newbie photographer I've asked lots of questions of other photographers and I've been pretty lucky b/c I've gotten some great answers back which have helped me improve and understand how this whole photography business works.

Well last weekend I asked DrewB of Momtog blog a question and completely forgot I had asked it. How fun to open up google reader this morning, see that Momtog had a new blog to read and then see my question answered. And not just a short answer but a long, explanatory answer! I was elated. Head on over and check out what Drew has to say about getting people to "get dirty" while they're doing a shoot.


  1. Thanks so much for asking that question, it is such a hard thing to master!
    I love your blog header photo!

  2. Hey Abbie,
    We didn't really get to meet last week at the PUG meeting but I had heard that you're new to the area and just wanted to welcome you! I actually just moved here last November. It's a really great place to live and I think you'll love it! Hope to see you again next month :)

    kristyn hogan (www.kristynhogan.com)

  3. Abbie- your site is beautiful! Still can't get into the other one.
    Let us know where you are in Nashville - you'll love it!
    Kathy (Aunt)