Friday, August 28, 2009

Free photo sessions!! Yay for free!!

**UPDATE: The free session offer has filled up! Thanks to all who contacted me. If you are still interested in a photo shoot, I am going to be offering an "opening in Nashville" special. Please click HERE for more info.**

If you have been directed here either because of a Facebook ad or a friend welcome!! Please read below to understand a bit more about what will be going into the free session and what I am looking for.

I decided to do five free sessions in order to get my name out here in Nashville. My family and I just moved to Tennessee three weeks ago and I'm looking into building up my business and my portfolio to fit my style . Hopefully we can help each other out: you get something free and I get my name out there! Win-win! If you're here it's because you're at least interested in seeing what all this entails so thanks for stopping by and here we go!

A free session will be given to the first five people who inquire and book a session. They must fit the following criteria:
  • FOR FAMILIES: Have at least one child , family of 5 members or less.
  • FOR COUPLES: Happily in love and ready to show it. :)
  • Will wear bold, rich colored clothing. Please, no identical outfits (ie: khakis and white tops) I want the images to represent how your family actually is and let's face it, most of us don't go around in matching outfits. :)
  • Will allow for up to 2 hours of shooting.
  • Is willing to allow me to help shape the photo shoot so that it has a lifestyle feel. This means we will visit one or two locations that are special to you. You will interact as a family/couple/friends and I will follow you around (kind of like the paparazzi), capturing the moment. We’ll make sure there are shots of you looking and smiling at the camera too but I’m looking to capture you and your loved one(s) as you really are! Need ideas? Email me and we'll come up with some!
  • Is a member of Facebook and will allow images from the shoot to be uploaded to the social networking site and tagged.
  • Will spend a minimum of $150 on prints (remember, your session is FREE!! Yay!)

In return you will receive:

  • A free photo session!!
  • 5-10 business cards to give to family and friends
  • For every $50 spent on prints you will receive 1 (one) digital image which you will hopefully post on a family/personal blog. Acknowledgment of the photographer is imperative.
  • For every person you refer to me, both you and the person you refer will receive one 8x10 image OR 1 digital image.
Sessions must take place in the Nashville Metro area. Digital images are available to purchase but are not included in the session.

You made it! Now all you need to do is send me an email and we'll get started planning. When you contact me, please let me know that you would like the free session and tell me how you found out about me. You can contact me via phone at:


Or via email at:

I look forward to hearing from you. We're going to have a blast!

PS. My web address is:

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